Endodontie - Traitements de Canal

Crowns and Bridges

What are the crowns for?

The crowns are used to cover broken, damaged, devitalized or decayed teeth and which do not have enough healthy tooth structure to be able to make a new filling or to support a facet.

Our crowns, usually made of ceramic, help to solidify, protect and embellish these teeth, especially if many of their surfaces are to be rebuilt. The artificial crown can be seen as a kind of cap that is cemented over a natural tooth.

Like facets, artificial crowns can also correct minor dental defects. They are used in several cases:

The restoration of decayed or broken teeth, because they have the capacity to completely cover a damaged tooth, contrary to the facets that only cover the anterior part of the teeth;

Replacement of teeth that have changed color over time, “dead” teeth (devitalized after root canal treatment), teeth with large fillings or deformed teeth;

Improving the appearance of a smile by standardizing the color, shape, and function of the teeth.

Bridge (or bridge)

A bridge can replace a missing tooth by resting on adjacent teeth. The bridge has the advantage, like the crown, of being a fixed prosthesis, which avoids having to remove it for cleaning.


With the E4D Technology, it is possible within our dental practice to produce high-quality porcelain restorations in one appointment only.

How does E4D technology work?

This revolutionary device “scans” and takes pictures of the tooth to restore. He thus models a 3-dimensional virtual image that is sent directly to the E4D computer system. The porcelain crown will be manufactured in minutes from a machining tool.

Is it a secure technique?

The procedure is safe. The patient is not exposed to any radioactive wave as Planmeca Planscan uses a very precise and secure blue laser.

The advantages of E4D technology

Only one appointment necessary, therefore only one necessary anesthesia

Precision level to the nearest micron



The cost is determined by the type of ceramic restoration that will be manufactured. The cost of restoring with the E4D system is almost identical to those done in the laboratory.

Feel free to contact us to find out if any of these solutions apply to your dentition.