Endodontie - Traitements de Canal

Endodontics – Root Canal Treatments

An endodontic treatment, commonly known as a root canal treatment, is an intervention that makes it possible to devitalize a tooth, while preserving it, thus avoiding its extraction. This procedure is necessary when the tooth pulp is infected due to deep decay, a broken tooth that can not be repaired, root infection or trauma.

What are the symptoms of an affected tooth?

  • Sensitivity to pressure
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Appearance of an abscess
  • Color change of the tooth
  • Edema

What is a root canal treatment for?

  • Eliminate potentially infected living tissue inside the tooth
  • Clean the entire canal system of the tooth
  • Format a root canal system
  • Obturate the canal network (fill it and seal it)
  • Reconstitute the tooth with a coronal filling or a crown.

Why keep a tooth that is no longer viable?

Even devitalized, a tooth provides a multitude of functions: chewing, maintaining and positioning your teeth and preserving the bone of your jaw. Indeed, by being present, the teeth stimulate the tissues and muscles of your mouth and strengthen the bone structure that supports the whole. With age, we all lose a certain amount of jaw bone and this loss is accelerated when no stimulation of our teeth is produced.

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