Plombages Blancs

White Fillings

The fillings are used to fill the cavity left during the removal of a decay, a dental wear or a defect of enamel. This process prevents bacteria from penetrating deep into the tooth and helps prevent tooth deterioration.

The obstruction can be performed in gray (amalgam) or white (composite). The choice will be based on the location and extent of the cavity to be closed.

The advantages of white (composite) sealing:

  • Natural appearance of the color of the teeth
  • Several shades are available, allowing to accurately represent the color of your tooth
  • Nearly invisible restorations
  • Solid seal with the tooth (the composite attaches chemically to the teeth)
  • Less destruction of dental material than amalgam during repair.
  • Meets medical and environmental requirements

The recent introduction of new composite resin formulations has significantly increased the popularity and use of white fillings. We are constantly on the lookout for these new enhancements to give you the best for your teeth and smile.

Not only do we use composite resins to treat cavities, we can also replace your old amalgam fillings with aesthetic fillings.

Traditional amalgam fillings (metal) have several disadvantages and some problems are associated:

  • Unsightly (gray color).
  • We need to remove more healthy tooth substance, which weakens the tooth.
  • Contraindicated for patients who are sensitive to amalgam components (mercury) or for people with immunodeficiency, neuropathy, or renal failure.
  • Grayish coloring of the gum around the filling
  • Sensation of intra-oral electrical currents
  • Metal taste
  • Burning sensation of the mouth or tongue
  • Fractures of healthy tooth walls surrounding amalgam

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