Prothèses Amovibles

Removable Dentures

There are several possibilities for patients who have lost one or more teeth. Crowns or bridges are solutions, except that they still have disadvantages.

What are removable prosthesis for?

This device will replace one or more teeth to keep a good chewing food, prevent other teeth from moving and allow to find a beautiful smile. The removable prosthesis prevents the mouth as well as the jaw from sagging with aging.

Partial (or partial) prosthesis

A partial denture is for those who have some teeth that need to be replaced. They rely on the gums, the underlying bone and cling to the remaining teeth using hooks made of anti-corrosion metals.

The complete prosthesis (or denture)

Commonly called denture, this resin prosthesis is used when all teeth have to be replaced. It relies on the gums and the underlying bone.

Removable prosthesis on implants

As the name suggests, this kind of prosthesis requires prior implants. The prosthesis is then attached to these artificial roots by means of snaps, slides or magnets. It restores the masticatory function of a person who has lost one or more teeth.

The advantages of dental prosthesis

  • Low cost compared to dental implants
  • Manufacturing time much shorter than that of dental implants
  • No surgical procedure is required
  • The color and shape given to the teeth of the prosthesis harmonize with the rest of your dentition
  • It is removable
  • It is more stable thanks to the brackets

Feel free to contact us to find out if any of these solutions apply to your dentition.